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2012 International Residential Code for One- and Two- Family Dwellings Published: July 2011
Author(s): International Code Council
ISBN 13: 9781609830427
ISBN 10: 1609830423
NEC 2011 (NFPA 70) Published: September 2010
Author(s): National Fire Protection Association
ISBN 13: 9780877659143
ISBN 10: 0877659141
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (Center for Environmental Structure) Published: 1977
Author(s): Christopher Alexander,Sara Ishikawa,Murray Silverstein,Max Jacobson,Ingrid Fiksdahl-King,Shlomo Angel
ISBN 13: 9780195019193
ISBN 10: 0195019199
RSMeans Building Construction Cost Data 2014 Published: September 2013
Author(s): RSMeans Engineering Staff
ISBN 13: 9781940238012
ISBN 10: 1940238013
Art: A Brief History (5th Edition) Published: December 2011
Author(s): Marilyn Stokstad,Michael Cothren
ISBN 13: 9780205017027
ISBN 10: 0205017029
2009 International Residential Code For One-and-Two Family Dwellings: Soft Cover Version Published: April 2009
Author(s): International Code Council
ISBN 13: 9781580017275
ISBN 10: 1580017274
FYI: For Your Improvement, A Guide for Development and Coaching (4th edition) Published: January 2004
Author(s): Michael M. Lombardo,Robert W. Eichinger
ISBN 13: 9780974589237
ISBN 10: 0974589233
2009 International Building Code Published: March 2009
Author(s): International Code Council
ISBN 13: 9781580017251
ISBN 10: 1580017258
ARE Review Manual (Architect Registration Exam) Published: December 2010
Author(s): David Kent Ballast,Steven E. O'Hara PE
ISBN 13: 9781591263210
ISBN 10: 1591263212
Interior Design Reference Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the NCIDQ® Exam Published: March 2013
Author(s): David Kent Ballast
ISBN 13: 9781591264279
ISBN 10: 1591264278
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