Broke in College? Here’s How to Make Extra Cash!

Broke in College

Over 70 percent of college students are actually suffering from financial stress. 

When you have paid for your college fees, your rent and your groceries, you probably barely have anything leftover.

You may think that you can’t take a job while you’re studying. But, there are many ways you make extra cash while at college.

Check out our tips for making money and avoiding going Broke in College while studying at college. Let’s go!

1. Get a Side Gig on Campus

If you don’t want to leave the college campus to get extra cash, you can earn money where you already are.

If you’re a mature student, you may be able to earn money helping out younger students as a teaching assistant or tutor.

Are any of your professors eager to hire a research assistant? You could learn more about your preferred discipline at the same time as earning extra cash.

You could earn money by showing new or prospective students around the campus or your accommodation.

2. Become an Entrepreneur 

If you want to become an entrepreneur, why wait until you’ve graduated. The university campus is actually the best place to launch your startup.

You’re surrounded by talented and smart young people with bright ideas. You have the resources of the college at your disposal.

Plus, if you make any hiccups, nobody will notice because you’re just a college kid. This is where you can experiment with your ideas to make a little extra. 

3. Do Random Household Jobs  

If you’re pretty handy putting up shelves or you have amazing brand and marketing skills, you could sign up to TaskRabbit.

This could allow you to get linked up with clients who need a task completed. This could be a wide range of tasks.

It’s flexible and interesting work making it perfect for a side job while you’re at college. It can also pay pretty well.

4. Teach a Language

Do you speak a second language? You could find work as a tutor online or on-campus teaching your lingo to customers eager to learn.

You don’t even need to speak a foreign language. If you have the patience and grammar knowledge necessary to succeed, simply teach people English.

If you’re not qualified as a teacher, you may struggle to earn a lot of tutoring people. However, it’s a really fun and rewarding way to earn a little extra cash.

5. Do a Summer Internship

If you want to earn money while at college, you could simply do an internship during the summer break.

This could allow you to make money and gain valuable experience at the same time. You may even land a job after you graduate as a result of impressing people.

Unfortunately, many internships are unpaid. So, make sure you to keep an eye out for the better internships that give you some money for your work.

6. Spend Less Money

You don’t actually have to earn more money if you want extra cash. There are simple ways to save money while at college.

You can save money by renting rather than buying your textbooks. Check out more about renting textbooks here

You could also save cash by keeping a budget for your groceries and other household expenses.

Rather than going out partying all of the time, stay home and have a gathering of friends at your place instead. 

7. Get a Job as a Sitter 

You can earn a lot of dosh simply by occasionally taking care of your neighbor’s pets or kids.

It’s easy money really. You just have a play with some (hopefully) amazing children for a couple of hours before they go to bed.

You could even get to do pet sitting for a fluffy cat or a sweet puppy. This can be a fun and enjoyable way to make cash while at college.

8. Sell Your Unused Stuff

Up to one in four Americans actually have a clutter problem. But, this isn’t only organizing your life.

You could be sitting on a bunch of valuable things that you never use. Why not sell them and enjoy spending the cash while you’re at college?

There are so many ways to sell things now. You can promote your possessions on eBay or Etsy. You could even run a yard sale or set up a flea market.

9. Rent Out Your Stuff

You may not be ready to depart with your things. Minimalism isn’t for everyone.

And yet, you could always rent out your stuff when you’re not using it. There are a bunch of apps and websites where you can allow other people to borrow it for a fee.

Do you have a spare room at your house? There could be around $6 billion wasted every year due to the unused spare rooms in America’s homes.

You could get a piece of this action by renting out your spare room. You could even put your own room on Airbnb and stay at a friend’s for the night.

10. Launch Your YouTube Channel

Are you addicted to YouTube? If you’re always spending tons of time watching videos on YouTube, why don’t you start making money while you do it?

Launch your own YouTube channel. You could share your recipes with your fans or promote your views about the state of the world.

Whatever your niche, you can make money from advertising on YouTube. Just build up your following and watch the dollars flow into your bank account.

Broke in College? Make More Money!

If you’re worried about going Broke in College, you don’t have to simply to despair about your money concerns. 

Get out there and make some extra cash. From testing out your entrepreneurial skills to doing odd jobs.

Do you want to know more about how you can save money by renting your campus textbooks? Check out this blog post to discover more!

College Courses – How to Succeed when You’re Struggling

College is a remarkable time in life. For many people it is a first taste of freedom, a chance to explore a new place and meet new people. The imagery of it all can almost make you forget what you’re really there for–to attend classes, get an education, and eventually a degree that will help you succeed in the working world. Occasionally you’ll find college courses that are more challenging than others. Sometimes this is in your major, but often it comes in core requirements such as science, math, or writing courses. You are required to take and pass these classes, so be sure you are prepared to seek out help when you need it.

college subjects

Tutoring for College Courses:

Most colleges and universities will have a tutoring program in place. Some of these are offered for free, others will charge a fee. Typically graduate students or upperclassmen will provide the tutoring sessions. If you are a student athlete or involved in other extra curricular programs, you may have tutoring available to you through those programs. Some college courses many students find challenging may offer tutoring specifically for that course, such as calculus or chemistry. Reach out to your professor, your adviser, or your program representatives to see what options may be available at your school.

Study Groups for College Courses:

You may not be the only person in your class who is struggling. Setting up a study group with your classmates can help you all keep up. While you may understand the first part of a chapter, your classmate may have a better understanding of the second part. Working together, you can work through problems you may struggle to tackle alone. This has the added advantage of sharing a common classroom experience, while a tutor may understand the material, if they weren’t in the class, they may not know what parts were presented poorly, or follow the examples your professor provided. Working with your classmates can help overcome these hurdles.

Writing Centers:

Writing is a huge challenge for some students. Utilizing the writing center can have an incredible impact on your grades. The staff of the writing center can help you with grammar, formatting, and ideas for writing. These are typically free programs staffed by English majors. You can take your assignment to them to plan what you will write, or take a rough draft to have someone work with you on spelling, grammar, and formatting. Whatever you feel your weakness is in writing, the writing center can help you work through it.


Your professor may be your best option for getting help in a college courses. They should have office hours listed on your course syllabus, or be available to make an appointment at a time that works for both of you. You can meet with your professors to go over concepts you’re struggling with, review a test or assignment, or talk about your progress in the class. Your professor is there to help you learn.

Prepare for meetings with your professors. Know what it is you’re struggling with or want to talk to them about. Review the course syllabus so you know their policies, and don’t try to harass them into doing special favors for you. You have to earn your grades through what you learn and how you apply that knowledge. Meeting with a professor should be about improving those areas, not begging for grade bumps or extra credit assignments.

Almost everyone will find some college courses more challenging than others. Knowing what help is available and how to seek it out can greatly improve your chance of success in those classes that don’t come easily to you. Don’t wait for the end of a semester to seek out help. Getting help early in a difficult subject will keep you from falling behind.

Suggested books to help you with your college courses:

College Study Skills: Becoming a Strategic Learner

How to Study in College

College Study: The Essential Ingredients (3rd Edition)