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Managerial Accounting Published: January 2014
Author(s): Ray Garrison,Eric Noreen,Peter Brewer
ISBN 13: 9780078025631
ISBN 10: 007802563X
Cost Accounting (15th Edition) Published: February 2014
Author(s): Charles T. Horngren,Srikant M. Datar,Madhav V. Rajan
ISBN 13: 9780133428704
ISBN 10: 0133428702
Accounting Information Systems (13th Edition) Published: January 2014
Author(s): Marshall B. Romney,Paul J. Steinbart
ISBN 13: 9780133428537
ISBN 10: 0133428532
Delivering Health Care In America: A Systems Approach Published: August 2014
Author(s): Leiyu Shi,Douglas A. Singh
ISBN 13: 9781284074635
ISBN 10: 1284074633
Financial Accounting, 8th Edition Published: June 2013
Author(s): Robert Libby,Patricia Libby,Daniel Short
ISBN 13: 9780078025556
ISBN 10: 0078025559
Intermediate Accounting Published: March 2013
Author(s): Donald E. Kieso,Jerry J. Weygandt,Terry D. Warfield
ISBN 13: 9781118147290
ISBN 10: 1118147294
Financial Accounting Published: November 2013
Author(s): Jerry J. Weygandt,Donald E. Kieso,Paul D. Kimmel
ISBN 13: 9781118334324
ISBN 10: 1118334329
Fundamental Accounting Principles Published: October 2014
Author(s): John Wild,Ken Shaw,Barbara Chiappetta
ISBN 13: 9780077862275
ISBN 10: 0077862279
Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making Published: October 2012
Author(s): Paul D. Kimmel,Jerry J. Weygandt,Donald E. Kieso
ISBN 13: 9781118162286
ISBN 10: 1118162285
Financial & Managerial Accounting Published: January 2015
Author(s): Carl S. Warren,James M. Reeve,Jonathan Duchac
ISBN 13: 9781285866307
ISBN 10: 1285866304