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Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition Published: July 2009
Author(s): American Psychological Association
ISBN 13: 9781433805615
ISBN 10: 1433805618
Psychology, 10th Edition Published: December 2011
Author(s): David G. Myers
ISBN 13: 9781429261784
ISBN 10: 1429261781
Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach, 7th Edition Published: January 2014
Author(s): David H. Barlow,V. Mark Durand
ISBN 13: 9781285755618
ISBN 10: 1285755618
Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-5(TM) Published: May 2013
Author(s): American Psychiatric Association
ISBN 13: 9780890425565
ISBN 10: 0890425566
Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy Published: January 2012
Author(s): Gerald Corey
ISBN 13: 9780840028549
ISBN 10: 0840028547
Exploring Psychology, 9th Edition Published: November 2012
Author(s): David G. Myers
ISBN 13: 9781464111723
ISBN 10: 1464111723
The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself Published: October 2007
Author(s): Michael A. Singer
ISBN 13: 9781572245372
ISBN 10: 1572245379
Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology Published: March 2013
Author(s): Ronald J. Comer
ISBN 13: 9781429295635
ISBN 10: 1429295635
Biological Psychology Published: January 2012
Author(s): James W. Kalat
ISBN 13: 9781111831004
ISBN 10: 1111831009
Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach, 7e Published: September 2013
Author(s): Margaret Jordan Halter PhD PMHCNS
ISBN 13: 9781455753581
ISBN 10: 1455753580
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