Renting Textbooks: What to Know at the End of the Semester

renting textbooks

There’s no need to sugar coat it. College is expensive. Between the cost of gas, dorm rooms, classes, supplies, and textbooks, it adds up quickly. 

Although many of these costs are necessary, there are a few ways to save. College is an experience like no other, and you should spend your time there learning, having fun, and discovering yourself. The last thing you want to do is worry about finances. 

Renting textbooks is one way you can save money during your entire college career. Why spend lots of money buying textbooks you’ll only use for one course and never pick up again? When you find good places to rent textbooks, you find ways to save.

Once the semester is over, however, what are the next steps to take? If you’re unsure about how the rental process works, then you’ll want to continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about returning textbooks. 

You’ll Have a Return Date

Because most colleges begin and end their semesters around the same dates, textbook rental companies can determine when semesters begin and end. They then use this information to determine your return date. The return date is usually soon after the end of the semester. 

Semester rentals aren’t the only option you have though. You can also choose to rent your textbooks for 60 or 90 days. Once you receive the textbook, your return date should be given to you in form of a receipt, email, or another method. Hold onto this date and write it down on your calendar, planner, or put it in your phone as a reminder. 

It’s important to return your textbooks by this date. If you forget to return them by this date or lose the book, then there are some fees attached. As long as you keep your book safe and remember your return date, you’ll have no issues at the end of the semester.

A Good Cleaning Is Beneficial

Textbook rentals are rented out each semester by different students. It’s important for you to keep your textbook rental in good condition to ensure the next student is able to get full use out of it just as you did. A good cleaning before you return your textbooks is beneficial.

Cleaning them regularly will keep them in great condition. If you placed a cover over the book, then be sure to remove the cover and wipe down the book occasionally. Dust it off first and then use a damp tissue to wipe it clean. 

A clean textbook will show the rental company that you’ve taken good care of it, which helps you avoid any fees. 

The Book Will Be Examined

Do keep in mind that the book will be examined upon return. This is a must because the condition of the textbook determines the rental price. If you return the book in worse condition than when you first rented it, then you could be charged a small fee since the company will then need to lower the rental price for the next student. 

Renting textbooks saves you lots of money in college, but remember, the books aren’t yours. This means you’ll need to refrain from highlighting, bending pages, and writing in the book. Instead, you can use a sheet of notebook paper to make your notes on and bookmarks to save pages. 

You Don’t Need to Sell It

When purchasing textbooks vs selling them, many students try to get some of their money back by selling the book at the end of the semester. Although this can be a good option for those who must buy their books, don’t choose to buy over to rent because you want to get money back. In most cases, you won’t get as much money back as you paid for them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some textbooks are only used for one semester and then new editions are released. You never know when a new edition might become available, which professors then use over the old ones. When this happens, you could have a difficult time selling your used textbooks. 

If the textbook has a code inside it for online access, then you won’t be able to sell it to another student unless their professor states the code isn’t needed. For these reasons, selling textbooks can become stressful. Luckily, when you rent, you won’t have to worry about selling them. 

Print a Label and Ship for Free

To return your textbooks, you can physically visit the site where you rented them from. You also have the option to print out a shipping label and ship the textbooks back to the store for free! If you decide to ship the textbooks back, then do be sure to communicate with the company about when to ship them back, since it will take some time before the company receives them. 

Shipping them back is convenient because it saves you time and gas money!

Contact the Company for Questions

If you have any questions about return dates, fees, and textbook conditions, then never hesitate to contact the company. If you’re unable to return the textbooks by the return date, then communicate this with the company. For example, if you need the textbooks longer than expected because of a final exam date, then you may be able to work something out as long as you let them know. 

There are also a few other options for renting textbooks, so be sure to ask about cheap eBooks as well!

Renting Textbooks Has Never Been Easier

With this guide handy, renting textbooks and returning them has never been easier. Keep all of this beneficial information in mind when it comes time to rent or return your textbooks. Renting your textbooks is simple, and you can avoid waiting in long college bookstore lines and spending all your hard-earned cash.

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